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Coway Bidet

Coway BA 12 Bidet
$350.00 $300.00
Coway BA 15E Bidet
$790.00 $690.00
Coway BA 08 Bidet
$1,690.00 $1,290.00
Coway BA 13A Bidet
$1,690.00 $1,290.00
Coway BA 13B Bidet
$1,890.00 $1,490.00

The Bidet Shop is an authorised dealer for Coway bidett toilet seats, one of the leading bidet seat brands in the industry. We are proud to stock the Coway bidet line of toilet seats at The Bidet Shop.

Coway is best known for the BA-08 the most popular bidet as it is feature rich and affordable. The Coway range of bidets is extensive including over 8 unique bidet toilet seats models varying in price and feature from the BA-07 to the BA-15.