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Bidet Info

Please view our bidet toilet seat product features comparison guide below.
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Features Explained

NOZZLE Separate nozzles designed for the rear cleansing and the ladies wash prevents cross contamination keeping you healthier and cleaner.
WATER SAVING An average wash uses about a tea cup or two of water.
REAR CLEANSE This function is for washing the bottom area only.
COLD WATER OPTION Water temperature can be turned off. Offering a cool soothing spray for those hot sticky days.
ONE BUTTON WASH FUNCTION Designed to make the operation of the Bidet’s features easy to access.
ANTI-BACTERIAL PLASTIC The Bidet is made with anti-bacterial plastic to ensure a highest degree of hygiene & cleanliness.
SIDE CONTROL All controls are placed on an arm on the right side (when you are seated) of the Bidet.
FEMININE CLEANSE Use this button to use the front cleansing front function exclusively for women.
SOFT CLOSE HYDRAULIC LID Hydraulic dampers installed at the hinges allow the seat and lid to close softly.
ERGONOMIC SEAT The ergonomically designed seat is stable, secure and allows comfort for extended use.
FILTER EXTERNAL Either the MF filter or standard sediment filter is mounted externally.
AIR AND WATER STREAM Air bubbles are injected into the water stream to create a softer, gentler feel while giving a 40% better wash.
ENERGY (power) SAVE The Bidet senses when it is not occupied and will automatically go into “power save mode”. This function can be turned off and on.
MF FILTER This filter removes sediment from the water protecting the Bidet and provides a natural disinfectant that helps kill bacteria.
HEATED WATER The water stream temperature is adjustable. The temperature can be set to 3 levels. You set exactly the temperature you prefer for as long as you want.
NOZZLE CLEAN BUTTONS Press this buttons to manually clean the nozzles rarely used as the Bidet cleans nozzles automatically every time you use it.
HEATED SEAT Heated seat offers 3 temperature settings - great for those cold/winter mornings.
ELECTRICAL  Bidet requires a standard 240volt 10amp electrical outlet. (AU 240V power point req.)
SEAT SENSOR Bidet cannot operate unless the seat is occupied. This function can be turned off on Coway models.
SELF CLEANSING NOZZLES Each time you use the rear/front cleansing function, the Bidet automatically cleans the nozzle as it returns after use. 
INSTANTANEOUS HEAT Instant water heating - there is never any waiting. Our ceramic water heater ensures high thermal efficiency and maintains an even water temperature 100% of the time.
QUICK RELEASE Allows the Bidet to be released from the toilet with just the push of a button making the Bidet and toilet easy to clean.
REMOTE CONTROL All functions are managed from an easy to use, intuitive remote control which can be hand held or mounted on the wall.
MINI SIDE CONTROL Puts the main functions in a mini pad on the side of the seat.
ULTRA STREAMLINE DESIGN This Bidet has a modern streamline design with soft lines that will make an attractive addition to your bathroom.
FILTER IN-BUILT Internal filter providing additional protection in preventing sediment blocking the Bidet pump and spray nozzles.
HEATED DRYER Warm air blower (dryer) can be set to a desirable temperature as it gently dries you. May take multiple uses depending on temperature and weather.
MASSAGE/MOVE Moves the nozzle forward and backward in a rhythmic action for a more thorough cleansing and stimulating wash. 
NOZZLE POSITION ADJUST The nozzle is adjustable and can be directed to the correct spot.
SELF DIAGNOSIS If a problem occurs, the LED on the main body flashes continually. The number of flashes and beeps will identify the problem.
WIDE, MEDIUM, NARROW SPRAY This button changes the width of the spray pattern from a narrow to medium or wide spray, similar to your garden hose.
PULSE The water sprays in a rhythmic pulsating action for a soothing stimulating wash.
CHILD It adjusts the location of the nozzle, the water pressure and air temperature to suit children. 
DEODORISER Sucks foul air from the toilet bowl through a carbon filter reducing odours - carbon filter lasts up to 7 years.
ENEMA A pencil thin stream of soft aerated water is ideal for constipation.
USER PRESETS Each family member can press their own button and the Bidet remembers their preferred wash and dry temperature.
WET AREA RATED IPX4 Bidet model is water rated IPX4. It is designed to be installed and operated in wet area bathrooms.
REMOVABLE SIDE REMOTE CONTROL Allows the remote control to be mounted on either side of the Bidet seat for easy use.
STAINLESS STEEL NOZZLES Rear and front nozzles are hardened stainless steel, resisting soiling reducing bacterial growth and improving hygiene.
SILVER IONISATION This Bidet generates its own collidial silver that disinfects the Bidet everytime you use it.
FIT INTERNAL CISTERN The Bidet connection can be fitted through an intern cistern, plumber is required - Please phone for further details.
FITS BACK TO WALL SUITE The 5mm pipe that fits this style of Bidet can be connected to the toilet tap situated inside the cistern.
FIT ENCLOSED SUITE Bidets with a quick release mounting bracket allows the Bidet to be fitted to toilet pans with top fitting toilet seats and don’t have access to the seat bolts.