How to measure your toilet to select the right bidet seat ?

STEP 1: Measurement A from the front of the cistern to front of the bowl .

NOTE: If the toilet has a lip at the back of the pan then the measurement will be taken over the flat surface from front of toilet bowl to the lip.

STEP 2: Measurement C inside the bowl 

NOTE: Please measure your toilet carefully as we may charge a restocking fee if the bidet doesn’t fit your toilet. If unsure please email us your toilet sizes Click Here to Contact Us.

Use the guides on our bidet product pages to see if the bidet fits your toilet.

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Bidets can be installed in 4 easy to follow steps

This is a simple guide of how to install your Bidet. A more comprehensive installation guide is included with your Bidet purchase.

If you are not sure which one to start with, please contact me via the chat link to the right .

Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 BidetShop (That’s 1300 243 387).

Basic Installation Instructions for Plumbers

Please Click Here to view our Toilets to Bidet Chart