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How to measure your toilet to select the right bidet seat ?


Measure toilet from the cistern to front of bowl

STEP 1: Measurment A from the front of the cistern to front of the bowl .

Measure toilet inside bowl


STEP 2: Measurment C inside the bowl 


Use the guides on our bidet product pages to see if the bidet fits your toilet.

View Guide

Bidets can be installed in 4 easy to follow steps

This is a simple guide of how to install your Bidet. A more comprehensive installation guide is included with your Bidet purchase.

If you are not sure which one to start with, please contact me via the chat link to the right .

Alternatively, you can call us on 1300 BidetShop (That's 1300 243 387).


Basic Installation Instructions for Plumbers


Please Click Here to view our Toilets to Bidet Chart