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Bidet Specials You Can't Miss On

Don't miss out on these crazy bidet specials.

Below you will find the best bidet deals on the market when you purchase online, if you want a bidet for your bathroom NOW is the time to BUY One.


Products Fathers Day Discounts  Special Price
Coway BA-08 $400 Discount $1290.00
Coway BA-13A $400 Discount $1290.00
Coway BA-13B
$400 Discount $1490.00
ECO S200 $200 Discount $590.00
ECO S300
$400 Discount $890.00
ECO S500
$500 Discount $990.00
Throne Prince STM
$1085 Discount $3990.00


If you have any issues purchasing our bidets online please contact us using the Contact Us page on our website.