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We had problems with our bidet, ad as we are seniors and not to good at removing seats to send back for repairs. You gave me a number for a handyman. He came out and had to try a couple of times to rectify the problem and finally got in fixed. It was a pleasure to have the help and he did a good job.

It’s good to know that the bidets can be fixed locally without the trouble of sending a toilet seat in the mail back for repair.

We would not have known how to put it back together after repair. It was dismantled and fixed from ordering the parts with the help of the technical support and then he reassembled it all back together again even we had to wait for parts.

We have two BA08 models in our home and I would highly recommend them.



To all at The BIDET SHOP. Thanks for the great service. Special thanks to the nice lady in customer care, you are a credit to the company.

I hope you are well. I was grateful for your efficient service and trust. The new bidet arrived today, six days only after we spoke on the telephone. So helpful.

Gwen and Peter M.

Thank you for your prompt attention to repairing one of our bidets. In this day and age it is unusual to receive such service, unfortunately. I will certainly recommend your products and generous assistance.

Margo D.

Thank you so much for having a look at my remote from the bidet. I am so happy to have my Bidet back again and I will tell all my friends.

All The best

Peter O.

BA13. I was greatful to receive a replacement bidet so that I could return mine for repair and the return postage slip.

I apologise for the late return. As you know I have a chronic spinal injury, which limits my activity.

I again thank you for your understanding of my reliance on the bidet for me to be independent in my toileting. I am so grateful for your kindness.

Terry M.

“Had a service done on my bidet at The Bidet Shop and was greeted with very helpful staff.

There was no waiting and am extremely pleased with my service.

I have used my bidet for the last 8-10 years and have happily just purchased another one.

I would highly recommend this to anyone”

Kim M.

I am writing to you to acknowledge the wonderful experience I had with your Company.

My mother Marion Pope is nearly 91 and palliative. The bidet we bought from your Company was purchased over the phone from Judy. What a lovely competent lady you have manning your phones. I was super surprised to receive it so quickly. My husband fixed it onto the raiser seat we had purchased also and thought what a great purchase this was to help my mum remain independent.

My husband and I are carers for her and have support cleaners come in, so we didn’t notice the problem until mum was admitted to hospital for a couple of weeks. During this time I noticed when the toilet was used  there was a problem. I called my husband’s attention to it and after further investigation we came to the conclusion that it was the wrong size bidet seat. I rang Judy , who in turn passed my call into Patrick. What a delightful and pleasant man. He was only too happy to help solve the problem. After a chat we both came to the same conclusion about the size of the seat being elongated rather than standard.

Following the instructions of Georgia (hope that’s spelled right) we posted it on the Wednesday afternoon, you received it Thursday morning, Patrick repaired it by lunch time and it was posted back to us. We received it Friday morning and mum came home on Friday afternoon.

What a wonderful team you have. I am so very very happy with the service, speed of the repair and polite staff who kept us updated by phone. I will be recommending your Company to any of her friends who are in the same situation.

Thank you for your excellent service


Lotha R.

Bidet arrived back and is working great…. again. Thanks you so much , you have been a great help to make the repair process an easy one for us. The service of the Bidet-Shop is excellent and you personally are “ out of this world “ . Never ever experienced a service like yours in my life.

Jan H.

Thanks so much for all your help. Your staff there are very helpful and polite, which makes a change in this day & age.


Please read what some of our clients have to say about our bidet toilet seats and our service. 


"Best service ever" 




Thankyou Anita , delivery was on time and hassle free. 

Product high quality, installed easily and works very well. 

No problems with billing and good value for money.

I'll be recommending you. 

Very happy customer, thankyou !

Benjamin Francis 


I am a Little Person, some might call me a dwarf. Although I am an adult I
stand just over a metre tall, my body size is similar to that of a four-year
child and my shortened arm span has always been a challenge. I first heard
about electronic bidets a few years ago -  I was intrigued and thought they
could be a possibility for me 'down the line' when the aches & pains of age
crept in.  Funny how things happen......

Last year one of my femurs (thigh bone) gave way so I am now confined to a powered wheelchair and rely on a caregiver for all my showering/toileting
needs. Recently I modified my bathroom so one of the first items on my wish
list was an electronic bidet; my plumber installed a Coway model with a
child seat attachment and I am now a 'Bidet convert' satisfied customer!

Thank you for restoring some of my independence and dignity, these returns on my investment are priceless.

Thank You

Jennifer G.

Personal hygiene is extremely important for all ages. Children, males and females benefit from the convenience that a bidet provides. It is easy to use. Not only can one wash ones self, it also has a drying mode which uses warm air.
Now that I am becoming increasingly frail, I find that my bidet is essential for my health and wellbeing, which makes life easier for me to manage on my own.

Yours Sincerely

Dame Barbara Goodman QSO JP(former Mayoress of Auckland)

"Recently I bought a portable "BIDET" through "LIFE UNLIMITED" and I am extremely pleased with it.  They were efficient, discreet and gave me very good service.  It is extremely easy to assemble with excellent instructions.  It has separate functions for front and rear cleansing,water temps. drying, seat warmer and different spray methods. The "Bidet" makes me feel clean and fresh!"

Disability Resource Centre - LIFE Unlimited

Over the past year, I have recommended the Coway BA08 HealthCare 
range BIDET toilet seat to three of my clients in need of toileting
assistance. Installation of the BIDET for each client has been 
successful in enabling them to regain their independence and dignity with
toileting, and they all report great satisfaction with the product. 
Thank you for your excellent support and service”

M. Jackson - Occupational Therapist


The bidet has revolutionised my approach to toilet hygiene for clients and carers of various ages, with physical and intellectual needs.  The bidet facilitates independence instilling the client and carer with a sense of empowerment, dignity and confidence to attend to their own self care.

Renee Kelly - Occupational Therapist


To the Bidet Shop,

Greetings and best wishes. I am writing to let you know that I am delighted with my Coway Bidet. It has lived up to all my expectations. Thank you.
Wishing you all the best for the Festive Season and beyond, I am,

Yours respectfully,
Perce J. Geofge.

Dear Stephen,

I thought I would write you a few words to tell you how pleased we were to receive our Bidet. No sooner had we ordered one, the Bidet was arriving at our front door. I am 87 years YOUNG, and I have had it inspected to make sure it is OK and we are very happy with our Bidet.

We have been talking to our friends and there seems to be much interest, I’m sure you will receive many orders.
Our only regret is that it has taken so long to find out about the Bidet. Because they can be fitted to an existing toilet without any mess it made it an easy choice for us.
Thank you for your prompt service and help.

Yours Sincerely 
Kelvin Smith

Dear Steve,

I wish to thank you for your kindness to me by coming out to deliver the bidet. It was a long way to come, but you shall never know how I will always remember you for doing it.When you are all alone & need something badly. To have someone in business to do that for you is something you will always be very grateful for. I am very pleased to say that it is a great thing to have & it has really been something that I have needed for years past. Other countries have these in some form or other but Australia is backward in hygiene. It is so refreshing to be using this. I think it is marvellous. I would recommend it to everyone.

I don’t have many visitors Steve but I find people here in Australia so odd. If they want to use the toilet they end up not using the bidet, as though they are frightened of the unit. If only they would use it & feel good after using it, they would be all for it.Anyway thank you very much for what you did for me. God Bless you for your kindness.Please remember me to Aimee.

Yours Sincerely

Phyllis Cox
Laidley QLD

Don & Anne Nelson


Dear Steve,

Thanks for your call today enquiring as to how we are going with our Bidet. I thought I would drop you a line to advise you that my wife Anne and I are delighted with our Bidet.
When we first spoke to you we were very apprehensive about purchasing the Bidet without seeing it. But went ahead based on your assurances and the experiences of your existing clients.

Anne has found it particularly helpful and wanted me to say "Thank you".

Yours Very Sincerely,
Don Nelson

D.W & M.P Goff

The Manager - The Bidet Shop

Dear James,

It was good to hear from your Customer Service Dept Manager asking me for a testimonial.

I would say straight away that I am continuing to be very pleased that I purchased the Bidet from you, being in use daily. My wife and I first saw the advertisement for the Hyundai Bidet in the Tasmanian Seniors Paper about six months ago, in our doctor’s waiting room.

It immediately aroused our interest, as both she and I had recently been in a motor accident. Though not seriously injured, my wife did damage her left arm and hand, losing the top of her thumb making using it as normal very difficult. I have had problems with my back and moving my shoulders and arms has been very painful, which again was another good reason to get the Bidet.

Since then we have been blessed every day that we have had the Bidet.

Thank you again for your supply of the Bidet and your prompt and courteous service.

I remain, Yours Sincerely
Mr Don.W Goff

Mr James Bowers - The Bidet Shop

Dear James,

Due to advancing years and increasing disability, personal hygiene has become a problem. The Hyundai Bidet has met all the expectations and we can recommend it to those in similar situations as ours, without reservation.

It is a great well designed and functional product.

Yours Sincerely,

MM Midgeley AFC OAM - TAS


The Bidet Shop

This Letter is to inform you that we recently installed a bidet and have been very pleased with it.
My husband is a paraplegic and one issue that has always bothered him is the toileting factor. He is now able to toilet himself, which in turn has given him back some dignity.
I am his wife and full time carer. Not having to provide the necessary attention to my husband at the toilet has been a godsend.

I would recommend the Bidet to anyone in a similar situation or to someone that just wants easy care hygienic toileting regime.
Yours Sincerely,
S M Butler (Mrs)