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Who is Coway ?

Coway is the world largest specialist in water filtration appliances and leading edge household well-being electronics.

Coway is the leading bidet brand in South Korea with a market share over 50% 

The Coway BA-13 comes with the most hygienic and efficient washing power you can find in a bidet, it also equieped with state-of-the-art technology for precious personal time


Coway BA-13 can be the Essentioal Personal Hygiene in your daily life .

Woman - Thorough cleaning heat andrefreshing coolness provide theperfect solution for the modernwoman's personal concerns.

Man - The synergistic effectiveness of hotwater combined with hot air helpsto protect sensitive areas againstdisease and ease recovery fromany existing conditions.

Senior - For the elderly and otherwiseinfection prone, this hygienicadvance offers the additionalassurance of a healthy life.

Child - The gentle hot water cleansingand enjoyable massage effectencourage healthy, regular andclean toilet habits in children.


The benefits of the bidets

Maximum cleanliness - As thorough as a full cleansing but limited to the one sensitiveregion, it is not only more comfortable than tissue, but it cleansmore completely by affecting areas that might be passed over bytissue due to personal anatomical features such as wrinkles.

Heightened defense against bacteria - Minute areas within skin folds that frequently go untouched bytissue cleaning can provide an ideal propagation area forbacteria. The bidet can reach all such areas and removes thepotential threat to health.

Defense against other common diseases - Bathrooms typically have numerous parasitic and bacterialthreats to urinary and lower gastro-intestinal tract health. Onlythe thorough cleansing provided by bidet technology can preventthese threats from becoming real.

Massage function - The warm water - warm air cleaning, when combined with themassage not only produce a pleasant relaxing sensation, butstimulate circulation, capillary growth and health, for helping torelieve such conditions as hemorrhoids and constipation.


Why buy Coway BA-13B ?

Coway BA-13B it is the top of the range bidet from the Coway Range and comes packed with unique features only found in this top of the range bidet model.

Stainless steel nozzle

The hardened stainless steel prevents bacterialcontamination and foreign matters from building up.


Inbuilt bidet charcoal filter to absorb toilet bowl oddors


Inbuilt Silver oxide nano sterilization

Energy efficiency

The instant hot water system reduces power consumptionby 60% versus conventional storage tank systems.

User-friendly production for safety

 The three part sensor system ensures safety by shuttingoff equipment in potentially hazardous conditions. PBA molding forms a waterproof, airtight unit that preventsmoisture penetration.

Mesh filter

During the initial stage of pre-cleaning the incomingwater, the mesh filter removes particulate matters.

3 levels flow width control

 You can personally control the cleaning flow spread fromstrong concentrated stream to softly spread stream.

Air+ water stream

 An air pump injects bubbles into the water stream forsofter, gentler feel.

Twin nozzles

 Twin nozzles provide users higher satisfaction by fulfilling individual needs for nozzle position.

Convenient remote control

 All functions are managed from an easy to use, intuitiveremote control.


Is the Coway Bidet Certified for Australia ?

Yes - the Coway is the only bidet manufacturer in the world which makes bidet specific for the Australian Market

All the Coway Bidets are have Australian Water and Electrical Certification ( Watermark and cTick )

All the bidets come with a standard 240V AU Power Plug

All our bidets are supplied with an extra back flow prevention device ( Dual Ccheck Valve ) 

*Local plumbing rules may be different in your state, please check with us or your local plumber

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