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Hyundai Bidets

If you are the proud owner of a Hyundai Bidet and are looking for an upgrade, repair or bidet filters the Hyundai bidet range was replaced by the new EcoBidet range.

Hyundai bidets been superseded the new models are called EcoBidets.


Below is the compatibility list.

Hyundai Bidet Models    
   ECO Bidet Models
HDBM-100 (HDBM100)   Slim-Line
HDB-100 (HDB100)
HDB-120 (HDB120)
HDB-140 (HDB140)
HDB-330 (HDB330)   EB-S300
HDBR-600 (HDB600)   EB-S300
HDBR-550 (HDBR550)   EB-R500
HDB-1500 (HDB1500)   EB-R500
HDBR-1500 (HDBR1500)        EB-R500
Hyundai Bidet Filters   ECO Bidet Filters